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Spotlighting our NetworkZ Members

After starting our COVID-19 initiative, NetworkZ, we saw the need to spotlight some of our incredible members and their accomplishments! This initiative has generated great engagement from our network with many students asking to get involved and broaden their virtual connections.

Here are some of our members…

Alex. M

Western University

Toronto, Ontario

Finance, Consulting

Alex is the Co-Founder of The Basket Project, a non-profit organization to provide relief and essentials for Toronto's homeless. In his first year, he was an Ivey Fintech Consulting Analyst and Director of Careers for the Pre-Business Student Network. His strengths include a passion for learning and networking. A fun fact about Alex is that he was a member of an Oasis cover band!

Karina. V

McGill University

Toronto, Ontario

Law and Social Justice Activism

Karina is heavily interested in law, activism, and social justice work. In high school, she ran the Day of Pink recognizing the LGBTQ+ community and participated in many Model UN conferences. She is bilingual in French, proficient in MS office, and a strong communicator. One fun fact about Karina is that she has been in the performing arts for over 10 years!

Ali. R

Queen’s University

Toronto, Ontario

Engineering and Entrepreneurship

Alexandra has experience as a social media marketing assistant, high school math & science tutor, and first-year orientation leader. Her skills include chemistry, marketing, leadership, programming, and MS office. She is interested in chemical research or entrepreneurship. One fun fact about Ali is that she loves trying new Toronto restaurants!

Calvin. L

Denton Academy

Montreal, Quebec

Graphic Design

Calvin is part of the Class of 2020 and is hoping to pursue a career as a graphic designer. He is a computer and an informatics guru. He has also been serving as a frontline worker being a cashier at Loblaw's. A fun fact that Calvin shared is that he looks like he is 40 years old despite just being 17!

Yuvraj. C

Western University

Brampton, Ontario

Finance, Capital Markets, Consulting

Yuvraj is a strategic and innovative thinker who is interested in pursuing a career in finance. He is involved in the Western Investment Club as a researcher. Yuvi is highly skilled in Python, Bloomberg, and Microsoft Office. One fun fact about Yuvi is that he is a Formula One racing fan!

Janet. W

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Vancouver, BC

Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Janet is studying marketing and has a minor in entrepreneurship. She was the recipient of the BCIT President's Awards, BC Achievement awards & the Corporate Finance Institute Scholarship in 2019. Her dream to pursue a career in the cosmetic industry. A fun fact about Janet is that she was born on Christmas Day.

Sarah A.

University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

English and performance studies

Sarah is a budding writer based in Toronto. She is currently double majoring in English & Performance Studies (playwrighting) with a minor in Creative Expression & Society. Her skills include editorial writing, copywriting, and editing/proof reading. Sarah loves theatre, performing, and books!

If you are interested in connecting with one of our NetworkZ members, even for a virtual coffee chat, please contact us.

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