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A Real Look at BeReal & Canadian Gen Z

What is BeReal?

BeReal is the latest photo sharing app that gets its users to post unfiltered photos of themselves once a day with their friends.

Each day at a different time, app users receive a notification to capture a photo and share. When you click on the notification, your camera opens within the app along with a timer with a two-minute countdown.

You have until the timer runs out to take a picture of what's in front of you. Simultaneously, your rear-facing camera snaps a selfie. BeReal shares both images. You can retake them during the two minutes and share them with friends when you're ready. The photos are then shared with your friends who can comment and react with RealMojis.

What happens if you don’t post within two minutes?

BeReal also allows users to take and post the photo later in the day and lets your followers know how many hours has passed since the notification that you posted.

How huge is BeReal?

BeReal was launched in December 2019 by Alex Barreyat and Kevin Perreau in France and is having its moment this year. As of August 2022, BeReal has 10 million daily users according to TechCrunch. This represents a +241% from April 2022 and a whopping +29200% increase from last year.

“One of Gen Z’s defining traits is our desire to be authentic. I love that an app is really driving friends and family to get back to what social media was originally intended to be for creating connection in a positive and very “real” way.” Peyton Verhoeven, Co-Founder of Think Gen Z

How many people have downloaded BeReal?

As of October 2022, BeReal has been installed by 53 million users globally compared to only 7.8 million in April 2022! This past summer on July 25, 2022, BeReal became #1 most downloaded free app on Apple’s iOS App Store and stayed in that position until September 14th.

Are Canadian Gen Z using it?

We polled our Think Gen Z Network on October 16th to see if Canadian Gen Z are actually using BeReal, its frequency and how much they like it.

Here is what they said:

“I’m really hoping that an app like BeReal will finally get people sharing how mundane their lives are and be the cure for FOMO that this world badly needs.” Ella Verhoeven, Co-Founder Think Gen Z

How can brands engage on BeReal?

Be Real has no in app advertising and brands currently are not allowed to create profiles on the app. Brands who want to try to capitalize on BeReal can use the app to show a behind the scene look at their offices and manufacturing plants. Some businesses are showcasing their staff and providing a look at the people behind the brand.

Are you a brand looking for more insights on BeReal or other social media channels? Think Gen Z can conduct real-time polls of our network and provide you with Canadian Gen Z data. Contact us today to learn more.

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