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Connecting Gen Z with Business Leaders

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

COVID-19 has shattered the dreams and hopes of hundreds of thousands of GenZ’eders across Canada. Internships have been postponed. Summer camps cancelled. Service industry positions in many communities are still in limbo. Over 82% of our ThinkGenZ Network members’ employment has been affected by the pandemic according to a recent poll.

In response, we are launching NetworkZ – an initiative designed to connect Gen Z’eders with Canadian businesspeople and professionals in their chosen fields. Our goal is to help participants grow their personal networks. We are hoping that the connections could lead to the opportunity to have virtual coffee chats. The goal of these conversations is to learn more about the person’s experience, gain meaningful advice and insights about their industry of interest.

During the pandemic one of the most positive outcomes has been our ability to connect with others. Networking is one of the most vital skills that students need to learn. However, very few universities and colleges teach this vital life skill. With a near-impossible summer job market, it is more important than ever to equip Gen Z with the ability to standout for future opportunities. Building your personal network during the summer is invaluable. If available internships or positions arise, you will be top of mind. Next summer or upon graduation, it will provide you with a foot in the door.

Response from our business contacts has been positive. With many businesspeople and professionals working from home their commuting time have been reduced and many are willing to spare time to help our future generation.

As part of the initiative, ThinkGenZ will be providing resources to help students learn the art of networking, including insights on creating an effective LinkedIn profile as well as tips to make the most of coffee chats. To participate, Gen Z’eders and business professionals need to have an active LinkedIn profile to begin connecting.

Interested in connecting, please email

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