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5 tips on how Gen Z’eders can build their personal network

1. Create a LinkedIn Profile. Don’t know where to get started? Check out the complete student’s guide for establishing your presence on LinkedIn.

2. Develop an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a 20-30 sec. persuasive speech to spark interest about yourself. Before you start networking and making connections, you need an elevator pitch. Prepped powered by RBC has excellent resources including how to craft the perfect pitch (worth registering for). Another great how-to is available here from

3. Coffee chats & information interviews. Business professionals all remember the early days trying to establish their own networks and usually are willing to share their time. Before any coffee chat or information interview, you need to be prepared. Research whoever you are meeting and have questions ready. With COVID-19, coffee chats have become virtual. To make the most of your coffee chat, here is some more advice.

4. Get involved. You need to put yourself out there with school clubs and in your local communities. Valuable connections can be made every time you interact with someone. You never know who is part of their network.

5. Join NetworkZ. This summer COVID-19 has totally upended the job market, we have made it our mission to help connect Gen Z with Canadian business professionals. Are you interested in virtually building your network? If so, email or DM us @ThinkGenZNetwork today.

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